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We are back
Wishing all a festive and safe 2023
Organic Banana is now available

 Heirloom varities from Hacienda La Amistad, the same farm

which supplies our Costa Rican coffee

Coffee & dried fruit straight to your door in just 2-5 days!

Free shipping on orders over $100
Applies to states East of Mississippi

Shade Raised Organic Coffee Bags

"Taste The Difference"

We are a small batch roaster and distributor based

 in Leicester, North Carolina

Serving Asheville & Beyond for over 20 years!

Explore each of our medium roasted single origin coffees and blends...

We believe that a medium roast preserves the flavor notes that each origin of coffee has to offer...

From the ground up!  Take a deeper look into where it all begins on the farm in Costa...  

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