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Meet our new Team Members,
Logan and Mark!

Logan and Mark bring with them a genuine passion and enthusiasm for exceptional coffee. With the energy to fuel the SRO™ spirit, they are committed to upholding our standards and expectations for premium coffee beans and dried fruit.

Rooted in the principles of responsible agriculture and a dedication to pure ingredients, SRO™ will continue to embody our commitment to excellence.

IMG_0227 (1).HEIC


Ric Goodman, founder, traveled to Costa Rica to explore agricultural ventures in 1993. He and his wife Liz then decided to establish a business in organic dried fruits, which was quickly expanded to include coffee by 1994. In the late 1990's, Ric met with Roberto Montero, owner and operator of La Amistad, and a relationship which has lasted to this day, was formed. SRO™/G.A.S. Distributors is one of a handful of independent roasters who source their coffee directly from La Amistad. 


In 1996, Ric and Liz moved the business from Chicago, Illinois to Leicester, North Carolina, just west of downtown Asheville. It was in this community that they made their home and established both themselves, and their brand. SRO™ quickly became a fixture in the local health food stores and co-ops in both Asheville and the surrounding areas. For the majority of the company's existence, it was run solely by Ric and Liz and their hands on approach from importing to packaging to distributing is the very essence of brand. SRO™ can now be found countrywide, in 15 states.

From the inception, this company has been family based and run, and it continues that way today. SRO™ has focused on limited selection of quality beans and the dried fruit offerings follow the same ideal: responsible agriculture, no added ingredients. 

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