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Premium Dried Fruit

Free of added Sugars I Juices I Preservatives

Ingredient: Mango and Pineapple, that's it!

While coffee is a big part of what we do, it's not the only product that we offer!


Our company got its start importing dried tropicals from Costa Rica. In 1994, when the Goodman Family made their first trip to Costa Rica, they were introduced to  a new concept in dehydrated fruits. The process involved using only field or tree ripened fruit and drying at far lower temperatures. Properly ripened fruit has more natural flavor and sweetness. There is no need to add sugars, juices or preservative to make the product more palatable. The low heat dehydrators keep the benefits of the fruit intact.


We are now offering fruit grown in Mexico, Costa Rica and since 2017 mangoes grown in Peru. The Peruvian mango is a variety not found elsewhere. This mango has a wonderful flavor profile and allows us to process year round.


We also helped develop and build one of the first Zero Carbon dehydrators on the Costa Rican coffee farm. Hacienda La Amistad now processes the organic banana that is grown in concert with the coffee and acts as one of the shade trees at the farm.

Looking to get a taste?  We now offer our Mango and Banana to be purchased directly from our website!

Our mango is offered in additional sizes, including bulk! Reach out to learn more!

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